MVPN Video 4 – Data MDTs (Rosen GRE/MDT GRE/Profile 0) and Their Configuration on IOS and IOS-XR - Videos


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This is the fourth video of a series on Multicast VPNs (MVPN) and their implementation on both IOS and IOS-XR routers with a focus on CCIE candidate requirements.

In this video, we further optimize the previously configured SSM based MVPN in the SP core to use P2MP trees AKA Data MDTs. The MVPN is still Draft-Rosen (Rosen GRE/MDT GRE/Profile 0). But the PEs will be configured to monitor the rate of (C-S, C-G) states delivering data via default MDT. Once the rate increases above a certain threshold, the PE will endeavor to switch the (C-S, C-G) to a new (P-S, P-G) or the Data MDT and advertise this new mapping to the peer PEs. These PEs then have a choice to join that (P-S, P-G) depending on the multicast states in their VRF MRIB.




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