My Study Plan : Class 12 Boards Vs JEE Mains | 35-40 Hours/Week - Videos


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  1. Hello brother pls reply i am in class 11 th and i joined to a institute in kota but due to my unproper health condition i had to return to my home so i wanna you to make a study plan for us.. plsssssss

  2. I am neet asprient…….so…because of intricated classes…..I couldnt get time only 3 to 4 hours….because of daily test of boards or entrance …..I couldnt give extra time for physics….bec my physics is weak….in institute. I solve 30 que daily ….but I couldnt get to time to solve prob of ncert of phys……my tution begins from 7 pm…so what to do sir plzzz tell me…..its maithili

  3. Bhaiya plz mk a video on class12th boards only… i.e -cover whole syllabus of 12th starting now{when u upload} for fresher's who want to get 95%in boards because I want to get 😅 I am ready to give all my efforts to put in ……..Plz plzz….Hope u can understand bhayia….. Hope u can upload………
    How to cover whole syllabus of 12th in 5 to 6 months
    Thank you.


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