Nanak Shah Fakir Film controversy – Protests in Punjab & Haryana – Current affairs 2018 - Videos


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  1. in this hydonistic ,materialistic ,obscene era if somebody is sacrificing time and money for Holy things then what does it matter.
    selfie generation is away from religion……..this is the best way👏👏👏

  2. sikhs will never b treated equally In india we can't carry on living with india! I really feel sorry for sikhs! why are non sikhs making sikh religious movies for money and making them wrong! chaar shaibzaade came out and it was a big hit all made according to Sikh rules then the idiot who made Nanak shah thought he could male a profit by making it with actors! everyone knows that no human can play a sikh guru do y did this idiot do this!! if he wasn't aware of sikh rules y not just ask!! I mean if your making a sikh film common sense would say go to Sikh governing bodies and get advice but no these producers are only after money they don't care if sikhs are hurt!! central board can ban pradvati but can ban this religious movie! if they release this movie they r asking for trouble!!! al the producer has to do is no shoe the guru talking and moving they can talk 3rd person for him!! this is a they have to do its not much!! I can understand money has been spent and also the movie does carry good message and will Bring great benefit in educating people but u must do things the tight way!!! just do t show guru moving ,don't show guru face and definitely not shoe him speaking g then all is well! no human can play guru Nanak he is not Jesus where movie after movie can b made the sikh guru is much greater than that!!! why does india keep doing things to infuriate the sikhs what ate they trying to achieve!! jai

  3. cbfc even banned urda Punjab first lolololololoiol all because it showed how Punjab drowned in drugs what a joke but they not banning a movie hurting 5th worlds largest religion lol what a corrupt organization!!

  4. India is known for its rich culture , various religion live together etc
    Ye film industry ko creativity religion PE hi Kyu dikhani Hai
    Paise lagate Hai paise kamane k liye sirf
    Welfare Karo maroge to Sab yahi rah Jana Hai
    Faltu k pange Kyu failana hai

  5. Literally,, the movie seems to take forward their. Morals…. His greatness to everyone .. What's d problem… Aren't gods portrayed.. In movies and everything.. Just to make people aware of them… If there is some factual fallacy in d movie.. Its understood…if not then what's d problem…

    I don't think even god would mind if he is being portrayed by a normal human… If his values get to have a bigger reach…!!

    Though m not sure.. If something wrong is portrayed… But only in that case.. Its justified..

  6. Yeh film guru Nanak sahib ji k opposite banai hai ( aur Guru Nanak sahib ikk Bhagwan k sroop thai koi aamm saint ya Bhagat nahi thai god ka apna roop tha onki gurbani read , understand aur meditate ki ja Sakti hai ) na ki koi nastik Insan onka role kare

  7. Wrong information bro. . Guru nanak dev ji role is not played by any person its animated only sikka has already cleared it . .But the controversy is SGPC have problem with playing role of guru nanak dev ji family members by actors. .this is the issue.


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