Complete Physical Chemistry in single video By Arvind Arora Sir(Ex. VMC Faculty with 6 years of experience)
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neet chemistry

Atomic Structure
Gaseous and Liquid State
Nuclear and Surface Chemistry
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Bonding
Co-ordination Compound
D-Block Elements
Alkyl Halides
Aromatic Compounds
P-Block Elements
General Organic Chemistry
Carboxylic Acids and Its Derivatives
Aldehydes and Ketones
Along with these topics and chapters, one should check the previous question papers to have an idea regarding the questions from those topics that are frequently asked and the weightage for those questions. This will also help you to gain top scores in the examination. This is all about the Most Important Chapters for NEET.

Chapter 1 – Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Revision Notes
Chapter 2 – Structure of Atom Revision Notes
Chapter 3 – Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Revision Notes
Chapter 4 – Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Revision Notes
Chapter 5 – States of Matter Revision Notes
Chapter 6 – Thermodynamics
Chapter 7 – Equilibrium Revision Notes
Chapter 8 – Redox Reactions Revision Notes
Chapter 9 – Hydrogen Revision Notes
Chapter 10 – The s-Block Elements Revision Notes
Chapter 11 – The p-Block Elements Revision Notes
Chapter 12 – Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Chapter 13 – Hydrocarbons Revision Notes
Chapter 14 – Environmental Chemistry Revision Notes

NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Chapter-wise
Chapter 1 – The Solid State
Chapter 2 – Solutions
Chapter 3 – Electrochemistry
Chapter 4 – Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 5 – Surface Chemistry
Chapter 6 – General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
Chapter 7 – The p-Block Elements
Chapter 8 – The d and f Block Elements
Chapter 9 – Coordination Compounds
Chapter 10 – Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Chapter 11 – Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Chapter 12 – Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Chapter 13 – Amines
Chapter 14 – Biomolecules
Chapter 15 – Polymers
Chapter 16 – Chemistry in Everyday life
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?Daily MCQ Practice | NEET AIIMS JIPMER 2018 | Chemical Bonding | Chemistry ?By Arvind Arora Sir(Ex. VMC Faculty)(7 years Experience)
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?Online IIT-JEE Mains Advance/NEET/Board Exams Chemistry tutorials By Er. Arvind Arora(Exp. 7 Years)
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?Online IIT-JEE Mains Advance/NEET/Board Exams Chemistry tutorials By Er. Arvind Arora(Exp. 7 Years)

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  2. Bhai your video was too good but actually in ques no. 11 in which unpaired electron of Cl was asked in that
    m has value 0 i think.
    is i am correct or i did any mistake plzz give ans so if i wrong then i will correct it.


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