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NEET Practice paper 1 :

All Organic Reactions in a single video:

Chemistry crash course:

10th April to 4th May 2018
Work on weaker areas
Practice mock test papers
Regular Study Breaks
Do not fall for guesswork
Health is everything
Create A Realistic Timetable

Anirudh Walia



  1. Sir Aisa maat boliye ki BDS Parke Kya faida.. my father is a doctor.. He is in the department of anaesthesiology. BDS aur MBBS abhi same ho gaya Hai. Same salary milta Hai and same respect. BDS at least apka night duty nahi rehta Hai. Don't judge both of them.. they are equally good. Studying is not bad. Jst because BDS low ranking students ko milta Hai that doesn't mean woh faltu subject Hai. Ekk BDS doctor apse zyda kamata Hai. Galat cheez spread maat kijiye. Kisi cheez ka value nahi pata toh bolte Kyu ho..


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