NEET 2019 Exam Date Changed; Major Changes Announced [Live News Updates] - Videos


This is a breaking news for NEET 2019. Major changes have been announced including new exam mode, new exam date.

NEET 2019 (new details):

Application form:

Exam Dates:

Exam Pattern:


Latest News:



  1. why to spread rubbish! Answer some basic question:
    1. whether rural students will not appear in jee_mains. (in fact the iit's and aiims, jipmer don't bother about unscrupulous bodies like medical council , technocrats etc therefore, they had adopted to online test long back). 2.whether many of the students (freshers) who will appear for jee_mains in January will not appear in board exam. 3. whether jee_mains is immune to the problem of repetition of questions or else we should forcefully assume that only donkeys study biology and therefore, biologists are not capable of making unique set of multiple question paper. 4. whether 11 lakh students will not appear in jee_mains CBT based exam twice a year on multiple dates? 5. All exams except NEET that will be conducted by NTA is CBT, and therefore, whether NEET is an antigen which has induced antibody production in NTA. It seems that the surface proteins on NTA (that is HRDM) is very friendly with surface proteins of medical council (touts of medical council). The root question is why every rule is bent for MBBS. 6. Whether MBBS is such an inferior & non_scientific subject that it does not require any intelligence and therefore duffers who fail to secure even 40% marks in entrance exam are allowed to become legal quacks. In fact the idea of online exam was good. for technical reasons, CBT is being followed by NTA this year & only NEET has been left out for reasons best known to HRDM. CBT/on line test is more secure and efficient than pen& paper by any standard.

  2. Mam i uesd to write mock question of neet from ur web. Mam whether we were able to answer all ur web question and get good marks. We are able capable to get 300+ mam.. Ur web question are whether enough


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