NEET 2019: How to score 500+ marks in NEET exam | Studypedia - Videos


How to score 500+ marks in NEET exam / test series… so I discuss about them and suggest some basic point which you implement then you will able to score 500 marks easily.

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  1. I know this video is very long but please understand its important for you to discuss all points with proper clarification so you can easily learn and implement them quickly. Hope you will learn something new and it will help you a lot.

  2. Again in hindi only….y can't u understand the problems of all students.. the one who are preparing for neet knows English but not all students know hindi..tell in English na or atleast give subtitles…pls…I have said this in every vedios you make..but u really did not care…I hope that ur next vedio will be in English or atleast with subtitles… it that many people gets benefit..


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