NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Cytology Lecture – 12 (Models of Plasmolemma) 11th NCERT - Videos


1. Butter sandwich model
2. Unit membrane Concept
3. Fluid mosaic model
4. Which model is best to explain permeability & membrane dynamism?



  1. 23) Genetic code consists of? अनुवांशिक कूट इससे बना होता है?

       a) 4 codons, each with two nucleotides     b) 16 codons, each with four nucleotides      c) 64 codons, each with two nucleotides      d) 64 codons, each with three nucleotides  

    CORRECT . Explanation: NCERT XII – Page no. 111

    sir in option. d 3 nitrogen bases hona chahia n .eg÷UUU

    U nucleotide to nai h.

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