NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Cytology Lecture – 13 (Plasmolemma functions) 11th NCERT - Videos


Functions of Cell membrane
1. Passive transport
2. Active transport
3. Osmosis
4. Role of carrier & channel proteins
5. Antigen & receptors on membrane



  1. Sir exam ke only six month hai aur physics ke doubt clear nahi kar pa rage hai physics ka Jo easy question or medium vale questions hai vo solve kar lete hai but sir Jo questions hard hai usme bahut jyada problem hoti hai sir aapne jis tarah se physics padne ko bole hum vaise hi padh rahe hai sir please solve this problem sir this problem is very complicated for me I hope sir you help your commandos and solve this dobt

  2. Sir Robertson told the width of cell membrane 75 angstrom but sir when it was proved by fluid mosaic that proteins are arranged in discontinuous manner does the width of protein was still 20 angstrom and overall membrane 75 angstrom? ?

  3. Electron microscope is used for (a) Viewing structure of the cell (b) Whole mount study (c) Cell division study (d) Structure of the pollen grain
    sir correct ans. is (a) but sir it is also used in (d)so why a is correct.


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