NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Ecology: Organisms & Populations Lecture – 4 (Environmental factors) - Videos


1. Environmental factors
2. Atmosphere and life
3. Light in ecology
4. Sun as a source of energy
5. Light as an environmental factor



  1. sir .
    1)an association of individual of different species living in the same habitat and having functional interaction is .
    b)ecological niche
    c)biotic community
    d) ecosystem
    sir what will be ans

  2. Sir, would you kindly explain Niche Overlap in your next lecture?
    There was a question asked in AIPMT Screening 2006..

    Niche overlap indicates-

    (1) Active cooperation between two species

    (2) Two different parasites on the same host

    (3) Sharing of one or more resources between the

    two species

    (4) Mutualism between two species
    What will be the answer of this question?

  3. Sir fresh water mein koi organism agar mar jata hai WO pani ke upar ajata hai ..lekin sea mein dead organism niche chale jate hai
    .. Is it true any explanatory reason is there for this

  4. Sir ncert k point jo screen pr show hota h usko book mein highlights krte h but kya jo point ncert se extra hai wo sare point ko note krna hai ??? Every single point other than ncert ?? Plz reply sir .


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