NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Evolution Lecture – 16 (Evolution of man – 2) 12th NCERT - Videos


1. Homo habilis
2. Homo erectus
3. Neaderthal man
4. Cro-magnon man
5. Modern man



  1. Sir if homo sapiens started to spread at 11000 years ago, and today all humans are homo sapiens then how come polyneshian people and american indegenous tribes exists.
    How can homo sapiens crossed the atlantic sea to reach america at that ancient times.

  2. hahha sir iska matlb maine sahi bola tha ki hamare dhire dhire hair khatam ho jayenge.and muze toh lagta hai ye aliens aise he evolve huwe hai cro-magnon man se space mai gaye honge woh lok and waha par evolve huwe rahenge.

  3. Cro- magnon man of 1650cc hai to iske baad retrogressive evolution huya na modern man m 1450cc ho giya .. sir esa kio huya jb ki dryopithecous ( to ramapithecus to autralopithecous to homohabilis to ) homo sapiens sb m cc increase ho rhi thi toh decrease kio aeya cro- magnan man se modern man m

  4. A- among the primates chimpanzee is closest relative of present day humans.
    R- the banding pattern in autosome number 3 and 6 of man and chimpanzee is remarkably similar…..
    Reason explanation…. sir plz explain this……


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