NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Evolution Lecture – 2 (Origin of Life) 12th NCERT - Videos


1. Primitive atmosphere vs. Recent atmosphere
2. Abiogenesis or spontaneous creation
3. omnis vivum ex vivo
4. bio-genesis
5. Redi’s experiment
6. Pasteur’s experiment
7. Oparin & Haldane theory
8. Miller’s experiment
9. Chemogeny & Biogeny



  1. Wonderful explaination Sir/Doctor. We are all lucky as we have got an opportunity to see your lectures which are vry helpful… you have really made a difference,specially for students like us who are not going for any coaching classes… ur teaching is more than enough. Thank you once again sir.. i hope i clear NEET in my first attempt.

  2. Pranam sir ,
    Jab aapka lecture end hone wali hoti hai to sochata hu ki 10 min ke liye kisi se mil kar aane ke bad padhai karuga lekin jab app end me yah kahate ho ki kabhi – kabhi ji Jalane se bhi zindagi rosan ho jati hai. Tab bina kuchh soche padhane bedh jata hu.
    Sir mai aapko aapna prerna manata hu.


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