NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Human health & disease Lecture – 11 (Immunity Part – 2) 12th NCERT - Videos


1. Acquired immunity
2. Primary response & secondary response
3. Types of Lymphocytes
4. Humoral immune response – B cells
5. Cell-mediated immunity (CMI)
6. Antibodies & their types
7. Type of T lymphocytes
8. Organ grafting & CMI
9. Active immunity
10. Passive immunity



  1. Sir if we put immuno-supprssant during organ transplant in body it will suppress the activity of Cytotoxic T-cells than will not our body become more prone to bacteria or other infection which can have been easily identified and killed by action of cytotoxic T-cells

  2. Sir do memory t cells directly attack on antigen or do they differentiate into another cell like cytotoxic t cell for attack or they send chemical signal to get activated cytotoxic t cell

  3. Sir I have doubt,
    We know that whenever there is infection in body, it produces fever cough etc. It is a good thing for us. Now sometimes while eating food,the food particles enter into wind pipe due to which we cough immediately to remove it. In my family, whenever this happens we immediately provide water. So should we drink water or not? Because according to me the water will suppress natural rxn of body and it might be harmful to us?

  4. sir humare childhood mei humei DPT ka injection lgta hai but sir jb hume lg jaati fir bi humei tetanus ka injection lgwana pdta hai sir kyu lgwana pdta hai baar baar kya ek baar us bacteria ko pechan kr useee lymphocytes mar nhi skte kya bha acquired immunity nhi ho skti ?

  5. Sir, when any organ is transplanted to patient and immunosuppressant is to give to patient for their transplanted organ so that organ can do work well without any destruction due to "cytotoxin T CELL" .Is he not able to fight against any antigen after giving him "immunosuppressant".??????????????

  6. Sir aap ka wo line "kabhi kabhi ji jalanay say zindagi roshan ho jati hai" mujhay bohut motivate karta hai……aur sir main kabhi bohut depressed tha…. phir aap ka wo line sunkar main bohut inspired hua aur padnay laga…..I'm with biomentors form May 17 …..Sir thank u so so much for giving me the energy and perception and hope……Pls sir aap ekbar yeah line boliaga"kabhi kabhi ji jalanay say zindagi roshan ho jati hai"…….Pls sir….humble request


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