NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Human health & disease Lecture – 15 (Cancer) 12th NCERT - Videos


1. Oncology
2. Carcinogens
3. Oncogenic viruses
4. Hayflick limit
5. Contact inhibition
6. immortality
7. p53 protein – Guardian of genome
8. c-onc (proto-oncogenes)
9. Type of tumours – benign & malignant
10. Metastasis
11. Genetic susceptibility
12. Type of cancers
13. Warning signs
14. Detection & diagnosis
15. Treatment of cancer



  1. sir, Abhi recently meri Dadi Maa ka death Hua h… she had a lung cancer.. last stage pe pata chalne se vo thik se treat Nhi ho paya and she died…. kya vo inherit ho skta h next generation..?? and sir, what's the reason behind the pain in cancer…??

  2. thanks sir. Which type of cancer is found in lymph nodes and spleen (a) Carchroma (b) Sarcoma (c) Leukaemia (d) Lymphoma
    sir is ka ans. (c)h practice sheet me, sir is ka ans (d) nahi hai kya because it is related with lymphatic system.

  3. Sir i know a lady who has bone pain in whole body & body swells when she eats cold items, then she had montrex test +ve, ate medicine for 18 months but still condition is same.Curious to know what could be the reason?


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