NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Keep away negativity, Stay calm & Work Hard - Videos


A motivational message by Dr Geetendra to all Biomentors commondos



  1. sir i really want to meet u and i will work hard to be a doctor which is my dream and to have a meeting with you. and sir please it will be great if u call your commander as their reward because for me this will be a great reward.

  2. Sir from 8:20 pm i m trying to give the test but the test page is not available.
    Earlier i checked,then it was showing that the test will be active till 9:00 pm but it has already become unavailable from 8:20….
    Had i known about it i would have given it earlier but now I'm feeling a bit disappointed.

  3. yes sir we do hard work and try for the given our best Thank you so much sir for the motivation you are the best teacher today no one thinks about others you thinks about us and also guide again thank you sir


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