NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Microbes in Human Welfare Lecture – 6 (Biocontrol & Biofertilisers)) - Videos


1. Problems associated with insecticide, Pesticide & weedicide
2. Biocontrol – What does it mean?
3. Organic farming concepts
4. Biocontrol agents
5. Problems associated with chemical fertilisers
6. Biofertilisers
7. Integrated pest management
8. Organic farming – Why we need this?



  1. Sir good afternoon
    Sir am confuse on Q-88 of yesterday's aims gk test
    Q88- Which country is hosting the 42nd International Congress of Military Medicine (ICMM-2017)?

       a) Japan      b) China      c) USA      d)India  
    Sir ans India hona chahiye PR apne sir China ans correct kiya h ans sir ye same q apne phele bhi test m pucha tha tabh sir apne ans India correct kiya tha sir ans India h ya China plz clear it!!

  2. Antibiotics inhibit the growth of a. bacteria &fungi b. bacteria and viruses c. bacteria, fungi and viruses d. bacteria, algae, and viruses. Sir answer is given option c, but Sir antibiotics can't inhibit viruses .Sir answer should be a.


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