NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Plant Physiology Lecture – 16 (Phloem transport) - Videos


1. Phloem transport
2. Loading & unloading of sugar
3. Pressure flow mechanism
4. Role of Turgor pressure


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  1. sir can u upload a short video of ur medical conference its just a request i know it may be not allowed but i asked so that this will motivate thousands of biomentors commodo for the upcoming future that we are working for … and thank u again sir u are doing a lot for us

  2. sir motivational video m neet aiims 2018 wagarh mention matt kijiye taki dusre student bhi dekh sake for ex– iit genral compition wgr wale bhi mativation to same hi hota so plzz only motivation topic heading bus mention kijiye sir plz sir only heading


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