NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Strategies for enhancement in food production Lecture – 2 - Videos


1. Animal breeding
2. What is a Breed?
3. Inbreeding & Outbreeding
4. Pureline & homozygosity
5. Inbreeding depression
6. How to overcome inbreeding depression?
7. Outcrossing
8. Crossbreeding
9. Interspecific hybridisation
10. Controlled breeding
11. Artificial insemination
12. MOET



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  4. sir inbreeding depression tabhi hota h jb continuously inbreed krwaya jata h..lekin human me to continues breeding kbhi nhi dekhe h to fir cleft palet hone k chances to km honge ? sir meri ek friend h jiska cleft palet h lekin uske mummy papa close relative nhi h..


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