NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Strategies for enhancement in food production Lecture – 3 - Videos


1. Bee keeping
2. Honey bee colony & social arrangement
3. Life cycle – Important events
4. Swarming & Absconding
5. Adaptation in Worker bee
6. Significance of Bee keeping



  1. Q. Best source of dietary for a vegetarian is
    1)soybean 2)gram 3)milk
    sir given ans. is 3) why it's not 1) or 2) grams are rich in protein while soybean contain 46%(heighest) protein

  2. Sir bhagvan ko bhi achee log ki zarurat hoti hai, apke father bhat achee thee isliye unko bula lia unhone.. but to be honest,aap jo kaam karrhe ho educate karne ka.. really nice.. aapka lecture dekhkar mann mei satisfaction aurr confidence ataa hai… thx a lot for all this, apko kitna bhi thx bole, kamm hai.. n plz dont b so sad.. ur father is looking at u and hes smiling as he can see u doing such splendid work.. 🙂

  3. Its a quite fascinating and astonishing story of Honey bees.
    Queen get fired out if they are not functioning and worker bee converting into Queen overwhelm us.
    Thank you sir for bringing these knowledges to us.

  4. Q. Which statement is correct
    A.Apis indica is largest wild honey bee
    B.Wax is the waste material of honey bee
    C. V. Frish discovered the transmission method in honey bee
    D. Drones of honey bee are diploid.

  5. Q. How many type of eggs are laid by queen honey bees
    A. 3-from which drones worker and queen are formed.
    B. Unfertilised eggs form all cast.
    C.Only one type of egg is formed which produces all casts
    D. Two types one forming worker and queen and other forms Drones.
    Sir i'm very very confused in this question. Hope you will answer it.

  6. Sir i have a doubt

    Cross b/w tiger and lion produce fertile offspring but you says that when cross occur b/w two different species will not fertile so how is it possible

    I request you please clear my doubt

    And one more question
    Sir you say that centriole is not an cell organelle but in
    NCERT given that animal cell contain another cell membrane bound organelle called centriole

    Please clear it also

    I will thankfull to you


  7. sir worker bee ki life span 6 week hoti h toh jabh un worker bee m se hi koi jabh queen bnti h toh uski life span increase krke 5 year ho jati h ya phele se uss worker bee ki life span 5 year hoti h?? plz ans


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