NEET Counselling 2018 stayed – What will happen now? - Videos


LATEST UPDATE – On July 20, the Supreme Court stayed the Madras HC verdict and counselling was expected to proceed normally as predicted in the above video by Careers360. However, the Bombay High Court (Nagpur Bench) has once again stayed the counselling process. For more details on the Bombay HC stay order on NEET 2018 counselling, visit

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Earlier on July 10, the Madras High Court (Madurai Bench) had stayed the counselling of NEET 2018, leaving candidates worried about their admission chances. To read more, visit



  1. Y all the time tamil students have problem in cbse prospectus it was written that for bilingual paper English will be considered. Isn't tamil student want to do mbbs in tamil bullshit

  2. Why would counselling of other state restart even if SC pass the order… Tamil people wouldn't go to other state since domicile is needed… It's very rare so I don't think already completed admission of other state be affected…

  3. Everytime only a particular lingual sect has problem with neet , and everytime CBSE fails to deliver the situation. High courts last year were clearly ruled out to pass any order on Neet and Jee, as they are national issues. But Madras High court seems to be over favoured by political leaders.


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