NEET Counselling Postponed – New Merit List in 2 Week - Videos


NEET Counselling Postponed – New Merit List in 2 Week

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  1. No new result will be formed bcoz questions were in Tamil and English both and there are clearly given rules that if any problems in Tamil questions than English translation will be preferred. So don't worry guy's this man is asking stupid possibilities

  2. Will you pls shut your bloody mouth….as it is the kids are stressed…..don't over stress them by saying pathetic over and over again….you are actually pathetic to look at and your bloody channel

  3. Till may 27 ….everyone was given the time to make any complaints about NEET …..till then the Tamilians were having a good sleep. ….now they woke up to crack a joke by saying 49 questions were wrongly asked… till may 27 they didn't have any problems. ….this itself says that the Tamil govt…is playing their strategies


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