NEET Cutoff 2018: Government Quota Self Financing Medical Colleges Categorywise Cutoff for TN - Videos


In this video, we are going to compare the state rank list between 2017 State Rank list and 2018 for state govt quota seats in private / self-financing medical colleges which are available under subsidized fees of Rs 4 lakhs/annum. At the end , we will know how much NEET cutoff has increased for all reservation Categories.

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Lets get started with the tamilnadu govt quota neet cutoff for 2018 in private medical colleges. Last year the NEET cutoff for BC community reservation was 276 for government quota in self-financing medical college. Let us check the community rank from the last year 2017 Tamilnadu state rank list. Student who got NEET score 276 stood at BC community Rank 1859.

In this year 2018 tamilnadu state rank list, Student at BC community Rank 1859 secured 337 marks.

Students with NEET score higher than 337 from BC category has chance to get govt quota MBBS Seat in private colleges at tuition fees Rs 4 lakhs/year.

Similarly, we have found the cutoff for other reservation categories. For open category, this year 2018 neet cutoff is expected to be 356 for govt quota. For MBC category, it will be close to 290.

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  1. U said 337 ,for self financing college under 4 lakhs, I agree!!!
    My, score 273 will get management quota in self financing college? Like karpagam Medical College etc! I belong to BC?

  2. Sir, for management quota tamilnadu, for how much % other state students can get seat, bcoz more number of other state students have applied to management quota in TN!???


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