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Low NEET Score MBBS Admission 2018 Why be a dropper when there are options available to study medicine at affordable cost.

Many students think that the only option available for Indian Students to study MBBS is through government medical colleges in India. They think only about government medical colleges because the tuition fees in government colleges ranges between Rs 10000 to Rs 70000 per year. The self-financing medical colleges and deemed universities of most of the states except few states like Kerala and Madhya Pradesh, charge tuition fees in the range of Rs 15 lakhs/year to Rs 25 lakhs/year. Because of this many students are dropping out to prepare again for the NEET examination next year.

Lets say in your state, you need 450 for your reservation category to get government college MBBS seat. If your score is 250, do you think you should be a dropper? Definitely no. Don’t be a dropper. There are other options available.

-Medical Council of India, the medical education authority in India provides three opportunities for students to achieve their medical dream. Apart from govt college and private colleges, MCI provides another option to students because of the demand for doctors in India. The third option is to study abroad in reputed medical colleges.

Do you know that MCI has approved more than 500 medical colleges from more than 50 countries for Indian students to study medicine. If you compare the tuition fees of these abroad medical colleges to private medical colleges in India, the tuition fees reduces by more than 50% in many countries. The tuition fees ranges between 2.5 lakhs per annum to 15 lakhs/annum.

Many students go for the lowest tuition fees and they end up doing chinese medicine courses instead of English medicine course. You need to be very careful in choosing the right abroad university. Every country has its own advantages and disadvantages, you should know the pros and cons of each country before deciding the country and more importantly the college.

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