NEET PG 2018 Physiology MCQ Q&A with explanation - Videos


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In this video We discuss Anatomy NEET PG 2018 Anatomy question and answer with explanation.

Here are the Questions which I discuss:

1- What should be the value of BMI to be considered as “Lethal” in men?
2 – Which receptors are blocked in Myasthenia Gravis?
3 – What is the characteristic pattern seen in Brown sequard syndrome
4 – When Va / Q is infinity?
5 – C wave is seen in
6 – Alpha waves are seen during?
7 – In hypovolemic shock there is –
8 – Components responsible for counter current mechanism in kidney are all except:
9 – Glucose is absorbed in intestine by?
10 – Insulin like growth factor is secreted by:
11 – What is Prosopagnosia?
12 – Transport across nucleus is by all except?
13 – Iron from enterocytes through?

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