NEET PG-High Yield Points/Topic-Ectopic Pregnancy - Videos


Revision of high yielding points for NEET-PG 2018.



  1. Hi, Arin here from Since you may be preparing for NEET-PG in future , i think this will be very important in the coming future. You could easily secure top ranks if you use 1500 PUNCH WORD technique. PUNCH WORDS are a very specific combination of words which if used to search in books can give all-high yield information from that book. So you can understand what it can do to HARRISON'S INTERNAL MEDICINE or for matter any medical book. Below I have shown some punch words. There are actually 1500 of these specific combination of words that we found over 5 yrs of research. We have also detailed how you will be able to answer any image based question without expensive study guides.

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