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In this video I am going to share you the NEET cutoff for medical universities based on their fees structure. You can know the fees, last AIR who got into the medical university and the number of vacant seats for round-2 all india counselling. As a bonus, at the end of the video, I will share low budget options to study medicine at reputed universities.

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Lets get started. I would like to group the deemed universities into three groups based on the fees structure. First group tution fees would be in the range Rs 9 to Rs 14 lakhs/annum. The second group would be in the range Rs 14 to Rs 19 lakhs/annum and the third group would be in the range Rs 19 lakhs/annum to Rs 26 lakhs/annum.

Let see the NEET cutoff for the low budget colleges. The NEET cutoff for low budget colleges is less than AIR 1,00,000. If you see Kasturba, Hamdard and SDU which have the lowest tuition fees/year, the last AIR rank is within 30000. Most of the students who got into these colleges did not vacate their seats after round-1 all india counselling. So the competition is going to be high for these colleges in round-2 all india counselling conducted by Medical Counselling Committee.

For medium budget medical colleges, the neet cutoff is in the range 1 lakh to 2 lakh All India Rank except few pondicherry deemed universities. The number of vacant seats in round-2 counselling increases from 40 to 70 in case of medium budget deemed medical universities.

Most of the deemed medical colleges are in the high budget tuition fees range. For high budget medical colleges, the neet cutoff is in the range 2 lakh to 3 lakh All India Rank. There are lot of vacant seats in these colleges. Little More than 1300 seats are available in high budget colleges in round counselling. If your All India Rank is below 5 lakhs, you have chance to get into these high budget medical colleges. What if you cannot afford this tuition fees? Are there any other options. yes. you can study medicine abroad with low budget.

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If you scored above 96, Medical council of India allows you to study in more than 400 foreign medical colleges. The fees ranges between Rs 4 lakhs/annum to Rs 6 lakhs/annum for reputed medical colleges. If you need free guidance in selecting the best foreign medical college send whatsapp request “MBBSABROAD” along with your city, state and neet score to 7010 253 788 to get free guidance.


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