NEET Student Writes Letter To PM Modi! - Videos


Letter by a NEET aspirant!

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  1. Yes… this is soo true !! Hats off to the efforts shown by this student.. I scored 406 marks in Neet.. nd the only seat available is in management quota with fees 15 lkh per year…this is literally so torcherous for a middle class family… nd the only option I am left with to drop.

  2. Yes,this is very painful.My grandson,scored 396was offered dear in a DEEMED College with a fees of 17 pa.He refused saying he will take a drop,& try for a Government college b
    next yr.Not that his parents cannot afford. Both of them are earning very well.When will this system ever b cleansed of this kind of corruption?I'm very proud of my grandson.

  3. In Karnataka students who have secured 99,125, 150, etc have tightened their MBBS seat through many categories, its our bad luck and fate we are watching,
    Even my daughter has scored 90 percentile with GENERAL MERIT CATEGORY, but she couldn't get the seat That student has done his work, we all should take initiation to support him for the welfare of good scoring children
    Modi sir please go through children,s difficulty


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