NEET Unqualified? Know the Traps | Part 1 - Videos


NEET Unqualified? Know the Traps – is a Video that
addresses the NEET Unqualified students who are being
offered phony deals which will leave them trapped and
The video informs of the exact status of the stand of
MCI regarding the candidature of NEET unqualified
students. A letter has been issued by the Indian
Embassy and you get to know of the details of it.
The first pipe dream that the unauthentic agents show
the candidates is regarding MBBS in Philippines. A very
serious issue has been dealt with in this short video
where you understand what lies in store for those who
fall for it.
Then, CEO, Moksh Overseas, Mr. Dhananjay Shah speaks of
Russia and the way these agents are promising things
that just don’t exist.
Finally, you are made aware of the existence of better
possibilities to do MBBS in abroad.



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