No Excuses, Just Love: Pre-med Relationship Advice Ep. 01 - Videos


Dr. & Mrs. Pinesett breaking down how to create and maintain a successful relationship as you work your way to medical school and becoming a doctor.



  1. Mater Dei High School?!?! Wow! My father graduated from Mater Dei and so did my cousins and some friends. My sisters and I graduated from Cornelia Connelly High School and my brothers and friends graduated from Servite High School. All fantastic schools! We were blessed to have attended and received such excellent college prep educations. 📚

  2. Beautiful couple and you both have great smiles. What matters most is that she is your rock and will support you through your UPS and DOWNS. For all that you two have gone through, she does not seem like one of those "fair weather" types of people. The bit about you and your beat up Toyota was downright hilarious. Keep laughing together and loving one another. I am happy for you guys and may God Bless the both of you.

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