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Recently eCommerce draft policy has been announced by the government. Under this policy there are many things regarding E-Commerce which will be taken care of. It is taxation, ownership, inventory and discount. Among them the most important is the inventory issue. The foreign companies like Flipkart and Amazon will not be able to hold Inventory of white goods like fridge television or refrigerator and Smartphones as well as fashion. What currently they are doing, these companies are buying these items from the manufacturer directly and their cutting the dealer, wholesaler, retailer and every chain of transportation. So they are able to offer discounts on these products. Now if they are not able to hold inventory then they will not be able to offer deep discount. These companies have invested a lot in the hope that they will be holding onto the market of India. If this policy come into actualization then there it will be a loss for them. Another aspect is that the Indian companies can hold inventory which are made in India. The definition of Indian company is that the foreign investment in that particular company should not be more than 49%.



  1. Mene dekha tha tv pe isko leker news aya tha. Koi vi isko support nehi kar raha hai. Business ei si hi hota hai. Business upgrade tho hogahi. Agar ecommerce ke na sahi koi dusre raste se vi hoga. Chahe Usa ho ya china or india. A lok sova me isko leker charcha hui hai. Discount ko mejor factor nehi dia hai. Mejor fect jo cash on delivery hai usko.leker hai. Jo ecommerce company o ne nehi ki hai o illegal bataya geya hai.. Dusra disconunt isko charche me rakha geya hai. But janmat ki adhar pe nirnai hoga islie koi vi decision nehi lia geya.

  2. उस दौर से गुजर रही है जिंदगी,,,जहाँ,,
    जीने का दिल नहीं करता,,, और,,,,
    मरने की वजह नहीं मिल रही

  3. Hello sir, thank you for your videos
    Me new seller Hu aapse hee inspired hu but abhitak me live nhi japaya Hu gstin exemption leliya Hu and wo flat file me brand name k andar mujhe generic nhi dalna mujhe Mera khudka brand name chahiye mujhe please guide kijiye

  4. U r mixing inventory model with marketplace model. It's probably few good things that this government has done. It may have few discounts but still it's better for sellers. They manipulated prices by introducing selling price. That's the reason why this draft should be implemented


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