NRI Proxy Vote in 2019 Elections – NRI को प्रॉक्सी वोट डालने का अधिकार – Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  2. nice video.
    sir, indian currency printing first time abroad in china in furtive manner without public disclosure, make a video on news credibility and it's impact on financial sovergniety.

  3. Now even Foreign citizens will have to share the calamity of Indian election campaigns. Now Narendra Modi will roam around the world like a vagabond to popularize BJP among the NRIs. International newspapers will have more Indian news than news. There will be NaMo T-shirts RaGa T-Shirts and fanclubs around the world. Arnab Goswami Brand of Loudspeakers will be used across the globe to replace Marshall speakers and amps. Shashi Tharoor's English Dictionary will replace everything. In short India is now a superpower.

  4. NRI people knows only Big Parties like BJP and Congress.
    What about Independent local Representatives in election ?
    This proxy voting for NRIs should not be allowed. However, this proxy voting may be allowed for citizen of India who have to serve anywhere in India like Central, State, PSU or Pvt. sector services. The best way for Proxy voting should be e-voting which is successfully implemented in EU countries and other developed countries. This method is secure, authentic, reliable and safe as same as we transacting payment online.

  5. Iss bill ko lane ka sabse bara karron he bjp ki vote bank ko barana. Rupee ke kamjor hohe se deshbasi ko sabse jada paresani hui he aur sabse jada lav NRI ko hua he. Islie un log ka vote govt miss nhi krna chata.

  6. i am agree with sashi tharoor, proxy voting will create a fraud of approx 1 crore votes. email voting should be processed instead of proxy voting , we are becoming digital India they why proxy voting

  7. Shashi Tharoor was right agar unko vote dene ka Adhikar Dena hi hai to koi technology ka prayog KR kisi doosre Sadhan se dilwana chahiye jisse wo apna vote khud hi de skey. Vote dene ka Adhikar kisi or Ko Dena majak hai. Uska representative uski ichha k pratinidhi Ko vote deta h ki Nhi Kon janega. .

  8. सर मेरा सवाल है कि किस मेथड के ज़रिये एक NRI किसी को AUTHORIZED करेगा ताकि वो उसके बदले में वोट दे सके?? और वो मेथड सेफ फूलप्रूफ होगा?? यानी कोई उसे मिसयूज करने की क्या चांस है?


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