NTA: Answers to all JEE Main and NEET 2019 queries - Videos


We are receiving lot of queries regarding JEE Main Jan 2019 and NEET Feb 2019. Here we will try to answer most frequently asked questions regarding NTA conducting JEE and NEET twice in 2019.

JEE Main 2019: https://engineering.aglasem.com/jee-main-2019/

JEE Main Syllabus – https://admission.aglasem.com/jee-main-syllabus/

NEET 2019: https://medical.aglasem.com/neet-ug-2019/

NEET Syllabus – https://admission.aglasem.com/neet-syllabus-physics-chemistry-biology/



  1. Actually Mam, I had already appeared
    for jee 2018 and score is not much satisfied…so what's your idea abot dropping? Cause My parents are against drop? And now we don't know much about NTA and simply we can't decide whether dropping is a good idea or not?

  2. Now as the dates are different(8 slots)….will the paper will be different in each slot?because in NEET there used to be same paper at the same time in the wlole country

  3. there are in all 3 chances…from which i have already lost 1, so if i appear for neet in feb and may 2019 as well so will my all 3 chances be lost?..or can i still appear for neet 2020 in feb and in may?

  4. This will totally affect students in a negative way only!! If a student gets sick or something then the rule of like there are 8 days of having paper from jan 2-jan20 for jee bt if there would be 2 attempts then everyone would give both attempts, like for example in first attempt in NEET i got 550 marks bt my friend got 500 only as per the selection rule i can easily get afmc or any good college and thus i wont give the 2nd exams because i had already got sufficient marks already and would go to play games but there is the twist in second attempt my friend got 600 marks and now he will get that college which i wanted!!! Every college cut offs would be increased and obviously everyone will give 2 attempts!!!!!


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