# NTA || JEE || NEET 2019 – SHOCKING UPDATE - Videos


Shocking news regarding JEE mains and NEET 2019 .

Details of these exams are out now officially.

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  1. I have a doubt.
    If exam is conducted taking 5 days , how cheating could be decreased.If same paper is taken for rest of days.There are chances that student get some quest. by asking to someone.

  2. Sir since they introduced this thing can u pls make a important schedule to cope up and attempt exam on January properly and also can u pls say if NCERT book enough for Iit mains chem(organic,physical,inorganic)

  3. Sir what will happen to the no. of seats?Will it be halved for each tests or will they extend the no. of seats?

    Exmple:govt collges can have a max of 150 seats..so will it be halved to 75+75 in each tests or doubled to 150+150=300?

  4. plx tell about the no. of attempt ? I mean if I give the mains exam in Jan. and April also .. and if I failed .. to kya me next year bhi exam de skta hu .. coz I'll take drop in 2019 ..

    pls reply sir ? ye doubt bohot logo ko hai


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