One Town, Four Elements: Ytterby - Videos


Yttrium, terbium, erbium and ytterbium were all named after one small town on the Stockholm archipelago. But it could have been different, and there could have been many other names. From a snowy bit of Sweden, and a mine that’s a historical landmark, let’s talk about discovery, chemists, and a man named Gadolin.

Thanks to Paul (@cr3) on camera, and to @de_isja, @Ekkelos, @chemician and Chris Armstrong for proofreading the chemistry in the script!

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  1. Hey Tom! how was your break? I hope you had fun!

    Have you heard of this vulnerability on CloudFlare DNS service? They are calling it "CloudBleed" It affected a lot of big sites like and Your explanations are always the best for this type of topic, so I would love to see it in a video some day 🙂

  2. Not trying to be a thorn, but you don't put a voltage "through" an object. Voltage refers to a difference in electric potential across two points. You have a voltage across a resistor, for instance, and an electrical current through it. However, excellent video as always, Tom Scott!


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