Online GMAT Classes with Veritas Prep, Lesson 2: Critical Reasoning Question Type - Videos


This video is part or the Free GMAT Classes – with Veritas Prep organized by– the Global preparation network in October 2014.
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The theme of this lesson is “the testmaker’s blueprint” for Critical Reasoning.

Starting from a few elementary arguments and building to some of the (statistically-proven) most difficult problems in the test’s arsenal, the lesson will show how the authors of these problems create each prompt, correct answer, and trap answer, and arm examinees with the tools to see the structure behind the content on future test-day problems.



  1. This video has helped me so much and improved my strategy especially when i am caught between 2 choices. I'm able to find out what's wrong and what's right Thanks a lot!!

  2. isn't it you are introducing outside information when you go with E for the China-Acid rain problem? Seeing as nothing was said in regards to their favor for economical preferences?

  3. don't waste your time on this course. this is not a course, this is a bullshit. In a course a teacher has to explain why is this or that, this guy just uses some samples from GMAIT and doesn't explain any strategies and logic behind the exam.

  4. Going back to the prisoner supervision problem, I have a basic question regarding the flaw that has been pointed out in the argument – why would anyone be arrested if he or she didn't commit a crime?


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