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  1. James, I'm sure many PA students and non PA students (like myself) can attest that you are helping to lead the way when it comes to bringing awareness and removing the stigma against PA's. I am a "Doctor" by name sake as well as a PhD candidate majoring in Public Policy and Administration, I've learned soo much about the PA process through this channel. Keep up the good work, it is making a difference!

  2. Peace be to you James! This was AMAZING! It was so COOL of your program director to do this! I love when we "old guys" openly communicate with you PA students and younger PAs. I think we have a responsibility to be PA mentors. I see you DEFINITELY being an older mentor-type of PA in the years to come! You are AWESOME! I have enjoyed watching your progress.! 😊

  3. Thank you so much for this video! I’m applying next year and I feel like this clarified a lot of questions I had regarding my GPA, PCE hours, etc. especially with trying to explain to patients (constantly) what a PA is, and they think it’s similar to medical assistant 🙄


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