Hope you haven’t forgotten about me! Here’s a recap of my first three weeks of PA school!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying your classes, keep us posted! 😀 I've always wanted to have an inside view from an US PA course, seems like they have it all figure out! We have a lot to catch up to across the pond. I'm 5 months from graduation and seems unreal! Enjoy first year! It just flies by!

  2. Hi James! Is there anyway for me to contact you and get some advice from you? Love your videos by the way! Very very helpful! Thank you and good luck with PA school!

  3. That's the one thing I've heard continuously about PA school that makes me know I'm choosing the right path- all the students work collaboratively and aren't competitive with each other everyone just wants to learn!
    Good luck we're all rooting for you!

  4. I'm starting to worry. (feels like it's late already) Haven't applied yet. Working on a supplemental and my CASPA had a hiccup during verification… not to mention need to study for GRE cuz some schools need it. *sigh *

  5. I recently watched your apartment vlog and I was just wondering if you're planning on working during PA school. How are you going to pay for housing and other essentials?

  6. See I wonder how medical school is vs PA school in the competitive aspect because I have heard medical school the competition never stops with people. In my undergrad right now (going into my junior year majoring in biomedical sciences) alot of people always compete with each other. It is cool to hear in your PA program everyone is collaborative. That is how it should be.

  7. Hey James! Your channel has helped me immensely in my pursuit to becoming a PA! I want to start making a YouTube channel like yours to help other pre-PA students as well! I just interviewed for Cornells PA program and am anxiously waiting for there decision! Thank you so much for helping other colleagues and good luck in PA school 🙂


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