Percentage short tricks on population and election problems useful for SSC ,IBPS CAT,CLAT - Videos


Percetnage is backbone of arithmetic and data interpretation.That is the reason that i have uploaded the videos of questions on each and every type. In this process you could be acquainted with the types of questions asked in objective competitive examination. Though i thought you should view these videos repeatedly to get a hand on feeling about the percentage.
following is the link of other videos that has been uploaded on our channel Educomiq:-

Percentage-1 Basic concept with examples ;

Percentage-2 conceptual problems ;

Percentage -3 Q. on Income and expenditure;

Percentage-4 Pass and fail percentage ;

Percentage-5 Consecutive Increase or
-do Decrease percentage ;

Fraction ascending and descending order ;

Units place of Index previous years questions;

Units place- cyclicity concept ;

LCM and HCF ;

Thanks for watching Educomiq
Amit Arun



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