percentage tips and tricks part 4 | Percentage aptitude in hindi - Videos


Revision is now simple! This channel “Revision Made Easy” is the best for students who have studied for competitive exams ( Civil Services Examination (UPSC), IES,ISS,CDSE, NDA,SSC, GATE,CEED, XAT, CAT, GRE, MAT, GMAT, ILETS,LIC,GIC, Bank Clerical, Stenographer, SBI PO, IBPS clerk, IBPS PO, IIT JEE, AIEEE,MBA, SSC CGL, IBPS IT officer, RBI, IAS, Quantitative aptitude test ). “Revision Made Easy” makes understanding of concepts very easy with great examples, not only that , this channel also tells all the shortcut tricks useful for the quantitative aptitude and reasoning. These shortcut tricks have been derived from famous books recommended for all the competitive exams. These tricks shown above will help you solve very tough questions in least time possible. Some of the tricks have been taken from Vedic maths and fast maths. so after watching these videos you will be able to solve hard questions in less than 1 minutes or even 15 seconds or so. there are some typical questions asked in competitive exams and these questions have a very smart method of solving the questions easily and quickly.

Do see the playlists we have made so that you can easily choose what you want to study. for any doubts about our content or if you cannot understand what happened do leave us a comment and your doubt will be cleared. Also if you have any suggestions regarding the content or you are stuck at a question and cannot find the trick method to solve that , Click a pic of that question and send a mail. it will be solved. Subscribing this channel will give students notifications regarding a new video upload. It is highly recommended that you subscribe to this channel.



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