PERMUTATION & COMBINATION | IIT JEE CONCEPTS | Part 4 | JEE Main 2014 | Odd digits at even places - Videos


In this video, we will learn an important concept of restricted permutation or arrangement – Arrange n objects in n places, so that r objects always even places.

Question Discussed
JEE Main 2014 Online
8-digit numbers are formed using the digits 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4. The number of such numbers in which the odd digits do not occupy the odd places, is
(A) 160 (B) 120 (C) 60 (D) 48
Answer (B)

IIT JEE 2006
How many different nine digit numbers can be formed from the number 223355888 by rearranging its digits so that the odd digits occupy even positions?
(A) 16 (B) 36 (C) 60 (D) 180
Answer (C)

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