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In this video, we will learn an important concept of arrangement – Arrange n objects in n places, so that r objects are always separated or not together – THE GAP METHOD.

Questions Discussed
JEE Main 2014
Suppose that, six students, including Madhu and Puja are having six beds arranged in a row. Further, suppose that Madhu does not want a bed adjacent to Puja. The number of ways, the beds can be allotted to students is
(A) 384 (B) 264 (C) 480 (D) 600
Answer (C)

AIEEE 2009
How many different words can be formed by jumbling the letters in the word MISSISSIPPI in which no two S are adjacent?
(A) 8 × 6C4 × 7C4 (B) 42 × 8C4 (C) 48 × 7C4 (D) 7 × 6C4 × 8C4
Answer (D)

IIT JEE 2002
The number of arrangements of the letters of the word BANANA in which two N’s do not appear adjacently is
(A) 40 (B) 60 (C) 80 (D) 100
Answer (A)

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  1. the way you have divided the whole chapter into many parts and with the help of previous year question this is simply awesome………………………. but please try to do it before jee mains ……..


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