PERMUTATION & COMBINATION | IIT JEE CONCEPTS | Part 9 | JEE Main 2015, 2016 | Restricted Selection - Videos


In this video, we will learn an important concept of restricted selection i.e. to arrange n objects in r places where r is less than n, some object can occupy only certain places.

Questions Discussed
JEE Main Architecture 2015
In a car with seating capacity of exactly five persons, two persons can occupy the front seat and three persons can occupy the back seat. If amongst the seven persons, who wish to travel by this car, only two of them know driving, then the number of ways in which car can be fully occupied and driven by them, is
(A) 360 (B) 60 (C) 240 (D) 720
Answer: (D)

JEE Main Architecture 2016
A code word of length 4 consists of two distinct consonants in the English alphabet followed by two digits from 1 to 9, with repetition allowed in digits. If the number of code words so formed ending with an even digit is 432 k, then k is equal to
(A) 7 (B) 5 (C) 49 (D) 35
Answer: (D)

8 oar boat is to be manned from a crew of 11 people out of which (figure given in the video)
3 can steer the boat but cannot row
8 can row the boat but cannot steer
In how many different ways, staff can be arranged on the boat so that 2 fixed people (A, B) can work on the bow side only and 6 can work anywhere?
Answers: 25920

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