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Magnetism is the topic that covers basic of magnetic field and existence of diamagnetism, paramagnetism and ferromagnetism.

This series is covered keeping in mind NEET, AIIMS and JEE-MAINS.

Next video will be over magnetic force and electromagnetic induction.

Comment on problems and queries.

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  1. Mam after watching this video and practising previous year questions ..will this chapter will be done for neet or we need to put extra effort bcoz magnetism and modern physics are very difficult for me

  2. This crash course series helped me a lot.
    Thank you madam. I will Rock in neet.
    This crash course series had increased my confidence .I was just afraid in physics, but not now👃👃

  3. Mam, The Crash course is really a boon for us.
    As I'm able to solve the previous year JEE Questions of the topics covered just by watching the videos.
    I'm sincerely thankful 🙂

    Mam, I kindly request to cover Semiconductor and Electronic Devices (the various junctions) before 7th April 2018 as THE JEE MAIN Paper is on 8th April.

    Thank You!


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