Physics for NEET & IIT JEE preparation| Motion in one dimension| Positon-Time Graphs| NEET/ JEE 2019 - Videos


1. Motion in one dimension.
2. Physics for NEET & IIT-JEE.
3. How to study physics for NEET tips
4. Concepts of Physics
5. NEET/ IIT-JEE/ AIIMS Physics Target 2019
6. Positin-Time graph
7. Distance, displacement, speed velocity
8. Motion In a Straight line

In this lesson basics of “Motion in 1-D” like distance, displacement, speed, velocity and difference of these physical quanties and Position-Time Graph of all cases are also discussed. This lesson is very much informative so you should watch this video and clear your concepts.

The thing are fullfiled by this video:
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