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First 5 correct answers will get a PDF of micro-compilation of important Ancient, Medieval literature.

We are attempting to make quality UPSC Education available to all.
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Entire UPSC Civil Services related Economy has been finished in this playlist –

Entire UPSC Civil Services related Environment & Ecology has been finished in this playlist –

Entire Ethics, CSAT, World History, Questions related with Mains exam and a lot lot lot more has been covered in various playlists.
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  1. Congratulations for the feat team!!
    It has been a very beautiful journey for all of us. Amongst all the lessons of history, geography and other pre subjects, the best learning was of virtual lessons of ethics.
    You exemplify all the keywords of ethics.

  2. Dost logon.. Aap sab log gadar ho… too good… fabulous to see a lot of people sending all the answers correctly…iss baar Prelims mein bhayankar tabaahi machaane waale ho aap sab…
    Just keep this pace going. In fact, it's time to raise the bar a notch higher.
    All the very best.
    And will share the PDF of the compilation of Ancient/Medieval literature on our Telegram group of Sleepy Classes as well as in the Android App and here as a Google Drive link too.


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