PRE-MIX – Day 36 – CSAT Special – Prelims related questions for UPSC || IAS - Videos


Trying to make students feel less scared about the CSAT Part of the exam.

The attempt is to make you stronger everyday for the coming onslaught of the mighty Prelims.

Calculate your score and keep working hard accordingly.
We have to make it in the list.

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  1. We are starting to get a lot of things back in order.
    Which includes typing all the questions back into the new platform.
    That is taking away a lot of our time away from creating content.
    Right now we are trying to ensure that the tests are being uploaded in time, with all the explanations.
    It will take a couple of days more for things to return to normal, as the doubled work, of maintaining two platforms, will start to subside.


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