PRE-MIX – Day 53 – CURRENT AFFAIRS SPECIAL – Prelims related Questions for UPSC || IAS - Videos


Let us keep testing you with ever more diverse questions.

This session is focused on Current Affiars.

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  1. got 4/5…
    india – oman joint military. exercise ( jme) := Al Nagah
    indo -nepal jme:= Surya Kiran
    indo – srilanka jme := Mitra Shakti
    indo- Kazakhstan. jme := prabal dostyk
    indo -Bangladesh. jme := Sampriti
    Indo -uk jme := ajeya warrior

    open defection free states are :-
    1. kerela
    2 . sikkim
    3. himachal pradesh
    4. haryana
    5. andhra pradesh
    6. chattisgarh
    7. gujarat

    2 union territories. are :=
    chandigarh and daman & diu

    Thankyou sir for making us learn everyday

  2. Calendar reads 1st February, 2018.
    4 months only :'(
    I am a part of other test series and groups but nothing challenges me like your questions.
    Unparalleled hai aapka channel and aapke questions and sabse upar hai aapki test series.
    Thank you for all this and whatever you do

  3. 3/5 🙁
    Ind. China – Hand in Hand
    Ind. Bangl – Sampriti
    Ind. France – Shakti
    Ind. Indonesia – Garud Shakti
    Ind. Kazakhstan – Prabal Dostak
    Ind. Maldives – Ekuverin
    Ind. Magnolia – Nomadic Elephant
    Ind. Russia – Indra
    Ind. Uk – Ajeya Warrior
    Ind. USA – Vajra prahar & Yudhabhyas


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