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My Timeline:
CASPA Submitted: June 8th
CASPA Verified: June 13th
First Interview Invite: July 15th
Other interview/invites: August – January
Acceptance: September 29th
Rejections: All year

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  1. i work as a medical laboratory scientist. as a lab worker,i don't have direct patient care. i graduated in 2012. does it matter how long i've been out of school when i apply? is it only through phlebotomy where i can get my hours from? what is your suggestion?

  2. It's crazy how much confidence your videos give me, even when I'm further along in the process than your video topics. Happy to say that I received my first interview invite last week (with SUPER LOW stats)! Woohoo! Anyway, I'm so excited for you. Thanks for always taking the time to help us little people. Lol. (:

  3. Wow I was just going to ask you about the timeline, and I was so relief after seeing this video. I know some people are already receiving interview invitations while I just submitted my CASPA. Thank you for making this helpful video. Now I'm not as stressed out about the timing. ?

  4. Also don't stress too much by reading the forums online — it can drive you bananas, lol. So excited for you to start didactic year! We finish ours this week and then we're gonna have new 1st years taking over our seats hehe. :'D

  5. you're videos are always right on time thank you! does it matter if the school does not have rolling apps? what is early decision deadline vs regular deadline?

  6. Hi James, I have an important question. If I have a pending course, which I am planning to take, that is a prerequisite for some school, but not others, would I still not be able to be considered as verified until i submitted my coursework transcript for CASPA?

  7. Oh thank god, I submitted around the same time you did. I thought I was so late lol How many schools did you apply to? sorry if you've already answered this question.


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