Prepare for CLAT 2018 in 2 Months | 10 Weeks to Go for CLAT 2018 - Videos


What should you do in the last 10 weeks before CLAT? We are sure many of you might have this question in mind. In this video, we bring to you some of the Dos and Don’ts that might help you in the last few days of your CLAT prep journey.

We have a range of videos across legal aptitude subjects uploaded on our channel
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Watch and learn the legal principles
Practice! Very important
Difficult questions: one word principles (which need you to know the definition of the legal term), long winded questions; tricky options (look similar)

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Very important time in your prep!
You def need to focus on gk at this time
Especially focus on current affairs in these last few months
Make sure you read the newspaper every day!! Very important
Make notes also
Our all india mocks portal also has a current affairs module! Including daily weekly and monthly handouts
In fact we also have quizzes every day and week
We also have a comprehensive yearbook coming up for you
So stay active on our platform, and stay updated!

There are no shortcuts to learning a language
Only answer is consistency
Fortunately the exam is limited in its scope of testing you in English
Sincere suggestion: read the Hindu every day
Great for learners of English
Read the editorials every day
Helps in current affairs also!
Helps you gain a command over language, because when you keep reading such great sources, you will learn the language automatically
And also helps you develop reading speed!
Write down new words every day and develop vocabulary!

Need to understand: 2 components, analytical and critical
Analytical: some of the most imp topics are- blood relations, analogy, group sequences, series, direction sense,
Critical: statements-assertion, strong and weak arguments, statement-conclusions, statement-assumptions, syllogisms
These are some of the important topics you need to be comfortable with
Mastery over these areas will enable you to save valuable time in the exam
Remember, every second saved is important!
So if you need practice in these areas, use the next few months wisely

Do not leave this section! (so many kids asking me!!)
If you leave 20 marks in the exam, of course you cannot expect an extraordinary rank!
Use the next few weeks to lose your fear of math
It’s just elementary math that is tested
What you need is speed!
Practice at least 20-30 math problems a day in order to get comfortable!
Our free mocks also provide you with a detailed breakdown of your scores and help you understand where you’re going wrong
Use this time to gain mastery over your weak areas

Last two months: most crucial for the exam!
Many students start studying seriously from now and crack the exam
Board exams: boards are imp, but dont forget CLAT completely! Painful mistake; very hard to start clat prep in april again, pls don’t make that mistake; set aside at least 1-2 hours a day to revise for the clat
Dropped a year: great advantage! You are basically free without distractions until May! Use your time wisely. Many of my batchmates in nalsar dropped a year for their prep and they cracked the exam in their second attempt.

I hope you make us proud 🙂
Remember, to succeed in your mission you must have a single minded devotion towards your goal


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