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❌Do Not Download Lectures As It will Reduce the quality b’coz the lecture is the 480p resolution of 840×480. When you download lecture the only 360p Resolution 640×360 will download which will automatically reduce quality as we can’t download 480p quality with audio(No audio will be in 480p video). If the quality doesn’t matter to u then Do whatever you want but don’t blame me for quality loss.❌
This lecture is very helpful for the student who is preparing for IITJEE and other various competition exams Like Bits, MIT, Aieee and other states exams. If you are in 12th class CBSE and other board who follows NCERT pattern than this Lectures are always a boon for your board exams and I Bet if you watch the lectures with full concentration(I mean no distraction) then you will surely get good marks in board and mains.

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